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Bethany Lato MS, LPC, CHT

Certified Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Practitioner & Holistic Mental Health Counselor in Wisconsin

The path to healing and personal growth can have many unknowns and trials along the way, but you already hold the map to discover the healing, wholeness, and wellness within. 

However, many journeys are easier with a guide - someone to share navigation tools, encourage when the journey seems to hard, and serve as a safe person to walk alongside on the path.

Discover an approach to therapy that...​

  • is built on the belief that YOU are the expert on your own healing and growth

  • helps you to create lasting change in your life without countless years of therapy

  • allows you to tap into your own healing abilities through the power of your subconscious mind

I would love to walk alongside you on your journey!

About Bethany 

Licensed Professional Counselor
Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist
Conscious Connected Breathwork Practitioner

Like so many others, I have experienced the effects of mental illness in my life, facing depression, anxiety, and panic attacks during certain phases of my journey. However, as I didn't always have the traditional treatment methods available to me (licensed counselor, medications, etc), I learned to rely on more holistic, alternative, and spiritual forms of healing and growth. 

After spending a few years working in the event industry, it was during my time working for a Milwaukee non-profit organization that I decided to pursue a career in counseling. My time spent at this organization - learning about the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual impacts of poor mental health and  trauma - instilled a deep passion to help guide others in their own healing journeys. 

It wasn't long into my career that I began working with the subconscious mind - using clinical hypnotherapy, meditations, and brainspotting to facilitate healing and growth. Having experienced profound growth in my own life through these modalities, I have also found great joy in witnessing my clients be transformed by the power of their own mind. ​

My aim is to be a guide in healing and in growth of each of these areas - to help women reach their most authentic selves and to flourish in holistic wellbeing.

I would be honored to be a guide in your journey, helping you to discover your own abilities to heal and grow in self-empowerment! 

Image by Alisa Anton

Contact Me

Looking for a different type of therapy that goes beyond just talking? 

Are you ready to explore your own abilities as a self-healer?

Do you feel that it's finally time to take that next step towards healing and personal growth? 

I would love to serve as your guide along your personal journey!

Let's connect for a free 15-minute clarity call to discuss your goals, answer any questions, and start to get to know each other!

Physical Office Locations

Downtown Hartland, WI & East Side Milwaukee

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Virtual Office | 414-301-3577

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