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For Counselors & Helping Professionals

Healing for Counselors & Helping Professionals

Hypnotherapy is an approach to therapy that stems from a place of deep care and unconditional love, fostering a dynamic healing perspective. It relies on the belief that every individual holds, deep within their subconscious mind, the key to their own personal health, healing, and expansion.

The subconscious makes up about 90% of the mind, and is mainly inaccessible while utilizing talk therapy. By using methods and approaches that allows us to access that subconscious mind, the client is able to discover the root of their emotional and mental difficulties, unhealthy relationship dynamics, limiting beliefs and maladaptive coping strategies. Through hypnotherapy, you will gain clarity on the pattern of these behaviors and emotions, and discover the most effective ways to process, heal, and transform them as you step into a place of wholeness and expansion.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be effective with numerous presenting issues, including anxiety, depression, addictions, unhealthy relationship dynamics, and trauma, among others. In addition, hypnotherapy can be used to build a deeper sense of connection - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


With hypnotherapy, there are many different tools that can be used to promote the deepest level of healing and personal growth. Some of these tools include: 

  • Resourcing - coping tools within your mind that can return the body to a calm and relaxed state when needed

  • Age Regression - re-experiencing past painful memories with the intention of expressing, processing, and releasing the emotion and feelings in ways the client was unable to originally, effectively freeing them from the mind and body

  • Emotional Energy Release - the physical release of built up emotion in the body; may take the form of crying, yelling or screaming, hitting or punching a pillow, or anything else the body may need

  • Rewriting Liming Beliefs & Behaviors - discovery and acknowledgement of old liming beliefs and decisions made about behaviors, and the rewriting of these beliefs and behaviors for life moving forward

  • Extinguishing - the extinguishing or 'putting out' of unwanted emotions that are no longer useful to our lives; it is important to note that not all emotions will be extinguished, as some emotions were important and critical to your experience(s)

  • Inner Child Healing - connecting with the inner child part(s) to build relationship and provide internal healing

Other tools available during hypnosis include resources for pain management, future progressions useful for decision making, past life regressions, and countless others.

Hypnotherapy has been a tool for my own personal growth and healing, and has allowed me to bear witness to healing and growth for many others. By allowing ourselves to get out of the conscious mind that talk therapy engages, and access the subconscious mind, we are providing ourselves with the space and resources to make profound and lasting change in our lives.

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